Kick Start Your Mornings With These Fresh & Fluffy Japanese Milk Breads!

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Siddhant, a hotelier turned home chef- has been baking and improving on this Bread called Shoku-Pan, this is a soft and fluffy cloud-like white bread from Japan. 

It is extremely famous and is considered an artisan delicacy in Japan. 

It is a unique kind of bread that is made using a process called Yudane or Tangzhong with simple ingredients. 

Yudane/ Tangzhong - It’s a process that provide the softer and fully texture with a longer shelf life to bread. 

What make this bread distinct from other breads available in local store. 

✓It is freshly baked. 

✓Has a soft core and fluffy crust. 

✓Can be eaten any time of the day baked or non-baked. 

✓It can be kept at room temp for minimum 72 hrs and even longer in the fridge. 

✓It has a cloud like shape and it rise above and allow to bake freely. 

Best way to enjoy Shoku-Pan ~ 

A thick slice with butter (Slightly toasted) 

Or plain with toppings or sandwiched with cream cheese, Nutella, boiled eggs, apples, strawberries or anything of someone taste. 

They are based in Whitefield.


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