Abstract, Aesthetic, Awesome: Get Handmade Ceramics From This Bengaluru Brand


    What Makes It Awesome

    What's been real exciting lately is the newfound appreciation that has emerged for ceramics among millennials. I too would gladly stack this love up there, where jewellery and clothing lie. And when it's handmade by local Indian artisans, even more! So when I caught sight of Amalfiee Ceramics from Namma Bengaluru, it was instant bookmarking.

    This brand founded by Praneeti, works with potters from across the country to create table and serve ware that is unique in design while still being rooted in tradition. They also implement varied styles of pottery. We especially heart the Terraporcelain collection, a technique that infuses terracotta and ceramic. The result is beautiful looking earthenware -- matkas, kadais, plates and bottles that look exactly like terracotta but have the strength of ceramic. Another must buy are the handmade stone ceramic bowls and plates in abstract shapes. They look unfinished in a way and this only adds to its charm. The Dip and Chip Platter (dip bowl moulded into the plate) and Shell Shaped Plates are other Amalfiee signatures. 

    The colour scheme and illusion of texture are other aspects we're digging. Baby blues, bronze, seaweed-y greens and bright reds, used together (as opposed to a single colour) make these pieces stand out. These are food grade glazes and colours that are dishwasher and microwave proof. Prices for individual pieces start INR 150 going up to INR 2,000. You can also shop for dinner sets in all sizes -- 16, 32 or 64. Amalfiee Ceramics takes orders via Instagram and is available at various retail outlets across the country (Chumbak, World Community).


    Amalfiee Ceramics claims to use custom technology and higher temperatures to create a much more durable product. They will soon be launching an e-commerce website.