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Amalfiee Ceramics

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What Makes It Awesome

It is safe to say that ceramics, in all forms of home and decor products have made big waves lately. And when it's handmade by local Indian artisans, the appeal increases. Amalfiee Ceramics is one such brand that has contributed to this. A new age, homegrown, ceramic brand based out of Bengaluru, this one is definitely worth bookmarking. 

Founded by Amal Guha, Amalfiee Ceramics work with potters from across the country to create table and serve ware that is unique in design while still being rooted in tradition, while also implementing varied styles of pottery.

We have our hearts set on the Terraporcelain collection, a technique that infuses terracotta and ceramic. The result is beautiful looking earthenware—matkas, kadais, plates and bottles that look exactly like terracotta but with the durability of ceramic. Another must buy are the handmade stone ceramic bowls and plates in abstract shapes. They look unfinished but packed with charm and a tinge of art. For example, this shell platter looks broken, or unfinished, yet absolutely stunning. 

The colour scheme and illusion of texture are other aspects we love about them. The colour palate used ranged from colours like baby blues, bronze, emerald green and bright reds. These are food grade glazes and colours that are dishwasher and microwave proof which is super important! Prices for individual pieces start INR 150 going up to INR 2,000. You can also shop for dinner sets in all sizes—6, 32 or 64 with prices going up to INR 17,000 approx. for full blown sets of 28 pieces. 


Amalfiee Ceramics claims to use custom technology and higher temperatures to create a much more durable product. 


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