Shinzo Or Tamashi: Only Thing Foreign ‘Bout These Coffees Are Its Names!

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Kokoro Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome

When education is put to practice you know the results are going to be astounding. Same with coffee. The more you learn, the better product you're able to put out, reason why Kokoro Coffees score bigtime. This beverage brand from Gujarat started as a passion project by Founder, Amit Zorba. He began by building a community group of home brewers who would come together to conduct coffee experiments. Putting this knowledge to good use, Kokoro has recently launched a range of four speciality, single-origin coffees sourced from Southern India. 

A quick glance at their website and you will be thoroughly familiar with each coffee. Kokoro makes mention of everything, right from the estate to tasting notes to the process used. We like the sound of Shinzo, from Kalledevarapura --- a fruity, mildly chocolatey cup that will make you wonder if you're actually drinking coffee and Maindo, the stark opposite with its full-on deep coffee and dark chocolate flavour. The Japanese names stem from Amit’s love for Japanese meditation. He associates the zen-like feeling after meditation to a cup of coffee slowly savoured coffee. Same Amit, same.

Shop for any 250gm pack for INR 400, you get to choose the grind. Also shopabble is coffee brewing equipment that Kokoro sources. Currently they sell an Aeropress, French Press, Cold Brew Pot and Coffee Dripper. They ship pan India. 


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