Mix, Strain & Sip Health: These Turmeric Teas Are The Need Of The Hour!

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What Makes It Awesome

Long before (and we mean eons) sunshine/golden lattes were a thing, good ol' haldi went into practically everything us Indians consumed, beverages included. But if you're one that flinches at the sight of haldi doodh, how does a more mainstream version of turmeric tea sound? Easy to incorporate into our daily routine (our immunity is already grateful), if you ask us. 

Homegrown brand, Makin has created India's first Turmeric Tea Mixes made with raw turmeric, organic ingredients and is preservative-free. Makin's website has three variants -- Cinnamon (anti-diabetic), Ginger Honey (calming and helps in weight loss) and Star Anise (refreshing, aids in digestion or bloating). We highly recommend you check out the pictures on their site, you can spot grated turmeric together with the other ingredients. Looks like something straight out of mum's kitchen!

These teas are described to have light, lemony taste with a hint of spice and a herbal aftertaste. To enjoy them all you have to do is mix (these are potent mixtures that come in glass jars) in hot water, strain and sip away. Boiling is not advised. Other than teas, Makin also makes a signature desi Khada made with tulsi, honey and secret spices. A 200ml jar (40 servings) of Turmeric Tea will cost you INR 399. There's free shipping across India on order above INR 999.


Makin has recently introduced a healthy Nut & Date Granola Bar free of refined sugars. They will be adding a few more guilt-free snacks. 


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