Cushions That Become Blankets And Saree Dresses: This Brand Defines Versatility


Shop Saree dresses and pillows made by underprivileged women with Secret Projects India, an initiative to help empower women around India.

What Makes It Awesome

Secret Projects India is an initiative aimed towards helping rural Indian women become self-sustainable. With their headquarters in Bangalore, they work with women from The Nilgiris and work out of shelter homes, their households or community centres. With proper training and facilitation, the women are set to be financially independent and more skilful. Secret Projects India sells a range of saree dresses, pillows and accessories made by these women.

The saree dresses project was launched in 2016 as an initiative to support women rescued from human trafficking and facilitating a way for them to not be victims of human trafficking again. Saree dresses are made out of actual sarees and can be worn as a wrap dress or skirt, perfect for a beach vacation or a music fest. They are priced at INR 1,500.

Another cool (and practical, if you ask us) product sold by Secret Projects India is their secret pillow. A Secret Pillow is a cushion that unfolds into a blanket. It comes in different patterns like ikat, chevrons, camouflage, kalamkari and paisley prints and is priced at INR 2,500 a piece. They are a zero waste company and use the remaining cloth to make accessories such as chains, scarves, cosmetic pouches and shopping pouches. They also take up custom orders, and you can visit the production centre in Bangalore. Don't forget to get an appointment with them before visiting the centre.