Bag It Up: 10 Awesome Backpack Brands That Should Be On Your Wishlist

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Gone are those days when backpacks used to remind us of the tiresome old school days. It's 2021, and we can spot the likes of Gigi Hadid and Rihanna swapping their bags for trendy backpacks. We've tried and tested all the online brands mentioned below, and have curated this list for all your backpack needs. These 10 brands' backpacks are easy on the eyes, the back... and your pocket!

Muticoloured Jacquard Backpack From Anekaant

Muticoloured Jacquard Backpack


Whether you are hauling your lunch or your laptop, Anekaant's super spacious Multicoloured Jacquard Bags will look good with every OOTD. We especially love the undercurrent of green, yellow, blue and red stripes below the white patterns on the bag for those boho-cool vibes. Anekaant's backpacks are priced at INR 999 and you can shop online on LBB. 

Handmade Tie & Dye Crumple Rainbow Canvas Backpack From Huedee

Handmade Tie & Dye Crumple Rainbow Canvas Backpack


Treat your inner hippie and buy these handmade bags by Huedee, made using tie-dye techniques. They are uber-cool, complete head-turners and very, very light on your shoulders. We loved this Handmade Tie & Dye Crumple Rainbow Canvas Backpack that has ample space and is pleasing to the eye with its vibrant riot of colours. Coming with a zip lining, these are best to go with outfits that aren't very loud.  

Monochrome Striped Patched Detail Backpack From Fizza

Monochrome Striped Patched Detail Backpack


Fizza's faux leather backpacks may look small, but they're mighty big when it comes to storing your essentials. We got the Monochrome Striped Patched Detail Backpack that has a drawstring closure with as many as five slots. The pink, white and black straps look cool and the brown outline does just enough to blend the patched detail with the pink faux leather material. These are not very big and just enough to have your essentials stored. 

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Multicoloured Polka Dots Printed Backpack From Vivinkaa

Multicoloured Polka Dots Printed Backpack


From books, wallet to makeup and lunch, we stacked everything in our Vivinkaa backpack and there was still room for more. The Multicoloured Polka Dots Printed Backpack with its coloured polka dots gave the bag a very retro feel but who's to complain as long as it looks good, right ? Their trendy pieces are made out of cotton canvas and are a sight to behold really. Prices for Vivinkaa's backpacks start at INR 599 and you can shop online from LBB. 

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Butterfly Stitch Detail Solid Quilted Backpack From Kleio

Butterfly Stitch Detail Solid Quilted Backpack (Green)


We had a tough time choosing between Kleio's drawstring, printed, and solid backpacks and we are sure you would too. However, to showcase a range of products, especially for those of you who prefer your solid prints, we went for the green Butterfly Stitch Detail Solid Quilted Backpack that has a polyester lining and a zip enclosure. Appropriate for all age groups and nothing on offer except little butterfly prints, these backpacks are versatile to use and yet, trendy. 

Front Pocket Laptop Backpack From Old Tree

Front Pocket Laptop Backpack


Affordable, elegant, and amazingly comfortable, Old Tree's minimal backpacks made from faux leather are an absolute delight. We got the brown, zipped bags that are great carriers of your laptop with their padded compartment and just about any other essential. A perfect replacement for a laptop bag, here's a bag best suited for your office-goers. Prices for Old Tree's backpacks start at INR 1,190 and you can buy online on LBB Shop. Read more about Old Tree here

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Ethnic Printed Flap Blue Vegan Bagpack From Modern Myth

Ethnic Printed Flap Blue Vegan Bagpack


If you wish to be elevated to the status of a style icon, then Modern Myth's backpacks are the deal. (It happened to us, not lying). Beat the Monday blues with these blue ethnic printed vegan backpacks that have intricate ethnic designing done on the flaps. Avoid the fuss caused by bad zips as these have magnetic enclosures which make it easy to open and close the bags. Perfect for daily use, these vegan bags will add the desi touch to your outfit and you can shop online for them through LBB.

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Contrast Solid Front Pocket Detail Hemp Backpack From Bleaf

Contrast Solid Front Pocket Detail Hemp Backpack


Bleaf is making the right noises with its hemp and cotton backpacks that are super comfy, come in light shades of pinks and blues. They make their backpacks from hemp and each of their bags have enough space to keep your world within. But nayy, they're not too big. In terms of designs, the bag has a zigzag pattern of pink and cream and also comes with a front pocket. For all day use, especially if you're a student, we highly suggest these.  

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Tribal Brown Backpack From 2AM by Anjali and Meha

Tribal Brown Backpack


Tailor made with handpicked fabrics, these bags from 2AM by Anjali and Meha will prompt you to try something different as we at LBB profess. The bag's tribal designs of oranges, pinks, blues and maroons instantly won us over and also the fact that the bag is completely vegan, and cruelty free. Use these for a casual meetup with friends and pair them up with a pair of jeans and top. Great on the go, the straps are long on these bags and not too thick such that they go easy on your shoulders. Buy them from LBB now!

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Classic Solid Drawstring Backpack From Berrypeckers

Classic Solid Drawstring Backpack


Get these backpacks if you want that added bling to your outfit. Made from PU leather, these bags from Berrypeckers aren't too big and come in solid colours along with a solid drawstring chain that you can hang around rather than stress your back. Just fine for formal or regular gatherings, these bags are optimally spacious and their glossy finish will contribute to the richness of your overall look. Get them on LBB Shop in different colours. 


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