Queen’s Restaurant Bows Out As It's Curtains For This Iconic Complex On MG Road

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Another one bites the dust! Shrungar Plaza, an MG Road Road landmark, is now a pile of rubble. With it, Queen’s Restaurant and the old Bookworm bid adieu too.

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After a court battle that lasted for more than a decade, the iconic Shrungar Plaza that was home to a handful of restaurants, businesses, and stores is being erased from the city’s landscape. While the news broke out late last year, the bulldozers and wrecking balls have rolled in now and the first casualty is everyone’s favourite North Indian restaurant – Queen’s. There’s no confirmed news as to where the restaurant will reopen but news reports indicate that it will move closer to Sanjaynagar. Other establishments that are also shutting shop, include the old Bookworm store, Anupam’s Coast II Coast, and the adorable Cose Belle store.



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