100 Years Of Serving Fine: Check Out This Bengaluru Coffee Brand!

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What Makes It Awesome

You know a product or brand is amazing if it has stood the test of time, still perfecting its craft in all those years to give us nothing short of magic. One such truly local business that has been around for three generations comes from The House of Ramapuram, a family of traditional planters. That's right, take your hats off to Sidapur Fine Coffees producing high quality gourmet coffees for our pleasure.If you aren't acquainted with their range, know that their seven fine coffees are hand-picked and meticulously processed. The result is rich flavour and a happy caffeinated you. 

On their website, you can pick from unadulterated Pure Filter Coffee (INR 260 for 200 gms) that has no chicory and a lingering finish of caramel, or the classic South Indian Filter Coffee (INR 220), a blend of aromatic Arabicas and full bodied Robustas roasted with chicory for that ‘chocolatey bitterness’. They also have French Press, Bold Espresso and Arabica Black Coffee.

On their website you will also find spices sources from the Malabar coast and natural products like wild honey and healing oils of eucalyptus and Lemongrass. You can get your hands on this century old brand's products across the country, just get on to their website and make your first purchase today!


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