This Iconic Kebab Centre On St John's Church Road Has Over 28 Meat Options

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What Makes It Awesome

Practically an institution on St John’s Road near Coles Park, Siddique Kebab Centre has a whopping 28 types of kebabs to get you drooling. Plus, biryani at INR 90. I don’t live too far from this iconic kebab joint. This means, that for almost every impromptu party, I was in charge of bringing copious amounts of kebabs and rolls. My car probably has an eternal whiff of kebabs. And from experience, I’ve learned to tell vegetarian friends to fend for themselves or sit pretty when I show up with veg fried rice, noodles and rotis – the only vegetarian offerings! For the rest of us, it’s rolls, biryani and grilled chicken — from tikkas to tangdis.

The hot sellers are Chicken Kebabs which are grilled but also slightly fried then (at INR 130 for 8!). Perfect with beer (not sold at the shop), it’s juicy, greasy and heavenly! Chicken Tikka, Hariyali Kebab and Tandoori Chicken are all succulent with a spicy marinade. Perfect to have with the mint chutney they all come with. But they do taste similar, and we suspect colouring is the only thing that differentiates them. Biryani isn’t the best but at INR 90, it packs in plenty of flavours so we won’t grumble.

For something different, dig into the Arabian Grill Chicken. The whole chicken, with skin, is marinated in Arabian spices including black peppers and cinnamon. We like this light but flavourful taste; more so because it’s distinct. Beef Bhuna Rolls are top-notch, as are the chicken rolls. Perfect for that weekend Netflix binge party — filling, easy to eat and yummy. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Chinese dishes and tell us how it was.

What Could Be Better

We usually don’t eat in here although there are three floors of simple restaurant space. The open kitchen plan means you can see your food being made, and while waiting, quickly pay up too. It’s a bit grimy, but hey, it’s a budget place.


They do have a few gravy dishes – from the rich Chicken Patiala to the piquant Chicken Achari. Oh, and naturally, Butter Chicken to be had with roomali rotis, naan or kulchas, hot off the tandoor. While we know the quality goes up and down a bit, the cheap prices keep us coming back for more. We also love that most prices haven’t changed in decades (and even if they have, it's but marginally!). And that there are no veggies here! 


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