Home Bakers, Add This Brand's 85% Dark Chocolate To Your Ingredients List

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What Makes It Awesome

Amateur bakers and those finally taking the leap to become a full-fledged home baker, listen up. We know that you are forever hunting for good ingredients to make your skills stand out, and that's why when we found Sihi Chocolatier, we had to share it with you. The brand does professional couverture and cacao minus all the fuss chemicals. Their 85 per cent dark couverture chocolate (this is the highest in their product line up) and every other couverture chocolate they have are free of white sugar, lecithin, and of course chemicals. 

It's vegan too if you are wondering. And speaking of vegan, they have a 41% milk (or mylk as they call it) chocolate too that contains rolled oats, cocoa butter, cacao nibs, vanilla pods, and khandsari which is local sugar. Apart from couverture chocolate, you can also get your hands on cacao nibs and cacao powder, all of which are made from non-alkanized cacao just list the rest of the products. According to the brand, these products have seven times the anti-oxidants as compared to other chocolates, so if that's true, then that's pretty cool too. 


You can order their products online with Pan-India shipping available. 


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