Rocking Chairs To Bookshelves: Travel Back In Time With The Old-School Furniture At This Bazaar

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If you like to kick it old-school, you’ll love the selection of vintage-inspired furniture at Simra Handicrafts And Furniture Bazaar, from wooden rocking chairs to room dividers.

What Makes It Awesome

A tent store full of unique wooden furniture, Simra Handicrafts And Furniture Bazaar almost seems like a travelling circus of furniture, and boy do they put up a show. Stocked with furniture, there’s only a narrow stretch of space that you can walk through unobstructed. Right at its entrance, you can spot charming wooden rocking chairs, like the ones we used to read about in our children’s books and old-school recliners {the original La-Z-Boys, we say}. We’re channeling our grandparents’ home feels!

Remember those wooden room dividers, that worked as makeshift dressing stations for when you wanted to change out of your clothes? Well, this bazaar has them too in dark woods and lighter hues. Plus, Victorian desks to please the vintage-loving hipster in you. Corner bookshelves also find a place in the store and are sold for as less as INR 2,500. Tables, shelves, bar units and mirror frames fill up the rest of the space. A makeshift store, it’s quite unorganised and you might have to nose around a bit to find exactly what you’re looking for.Working with different kinds of wood, everything in the store is handcrafted and you’re sure to find something in your price range here. So give the year-round bazaar in Banaswadi a go and check them out.  


They also customise furniture from scratch if you’ve already got a design in mind. 


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