It's All About Short Hair Adventures: At Sin O'Hair Mobile Salon

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A mobile salon {that alternates between Bangalore and Mumbai}, Sin O’Hair specialises in short haircuts for men and women.

Cut To The Chase

Specialising in alternative hair cuts {think buzz cuts, crew cuts, under cuts and side cuts}, Sin O’Hair is all for experimenting with urban, edgy hairstyles. Started by siblings Mayank and Mayuri Nene, the salon is based in Mumbai but offer their services in Bangalore as well. In fact, they come right to your doorstep for that much needed stylish haircut {on special request}.

The duo realised early on into their business that providing a mobile service would facilitate better access to clientele, who despite their busy schedules would get to have their haircuts, right in the comfort of their home. The salon works based on appointments, taking into consideration your location and the cut you’d like {they aren’t going to travel miles just to give you a trim, of course}. While their major clients are people who are on the more creative sphere of things {like design students and musicians}, they are open to pushing barriers in other fields as well. They are persistent about getting to know their clients well so that they can provide them with the best.

Trending Now

According to Mayank {who deals with the Bangalore clients}, Indians are now more open to Western hairstyles. And alternative trendy hair cuts {think under cuts, side cuts and even short and sweet hairstyles} serve a dual purpose – they go with the whole “Business in the front, party in the back” mantra. You can go from professional to a rockstar with a change in the partition of your mane in a matter of seconds. These haircuts don’t require daily maintenance {just wash and wear} and you can keep modifying it {designs on the partly shaved areas or just trimming the undercuts} until you want to go back to longer hairstyles.

Guy Talk

Menfolk, if you think there aren’t many options for you, then Sin O’Hair might change your opinion. You get to break stereotypes with undercuts with long hair or man buns {quite popular at the moment}. Based on your personality and mood, Mayank will also suggest suitable cuts that you can pull off. The siblings believe that no two hairstyles can be the same because the individual’s hair texture, face structure, neckline and ultimately the persona contribute to the uniqueness of the look.


Keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for updates on when they’ll be heading to Bangalore.

Price : INR 750-1,600

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