Sizzlers have an aesthetic appeal all of their own. There’s very little that can compete with the thrill of that smoking plate at your table, dressed up with coloured veggies, mashed potato or fries. All doused in the delicious sauce to complement a meat of your choosing. In fact, forget just meats, bring on the mock meat and paneer for our plant-loving friends. LBB rounds up the best places to grab a sizzler in town. We’re FOMOing as we write.

Kobe Sizzlers

Photo Source: Kobe Sizzlers

Photo Source: Kobe Sizzlers

With more than 25 international and national outlets, Kobe has been a front-runner in providing sizzlers since 1975. That’s a whole lot of experience! They offer a variety of sauces — pepper, garlic, Szechuan, in an assortment of meats, beef included. Visitors swear by their Chicken Satellite {boneless chicken in mushroom sauce with mushrooms, cream and cheese} and Paneer Shashlik. Don’t forget to leave room for their Sizzling Brownie!


A quintessential ‘all-American diner’, Indijoe is known for their steaks and sizzlers. Drop by for not just the food but the ambience: old school in every sense of the word! Vegetarians can find happiness in the Mexican Rendezvous {chimichangas served with guacamole, beans and rice} and Jamaican Cottage Cheese Delight {jerk-spiced cottage cheese with noodles}. Meat lovers, definitely give the Jack Daniels Double Barrel Combo a shot. We’re salivating already!

Café Noir

Who would’ve guessed, right? It may not be their specialty, but Café Noir’s sizzlers have found their way to this list for their scrumptious, refreshing flavours. The boneless chicken served in BBQ sauce comes with rice and vegetables and the paneer comes in a delicious pesto sauce. Of course, there’s one drawback, there’s only two options.

Underdoggs Sports Bar And Grill

We’ve previously raved about Underdogg here. Their sizzlers are not just delicious, but unique as well. Ever had a Biriyani Sizzler before? Or can we interest you with Grilled Peri Peri Chicken and Asparagus? Come here with an empty stomach for a gastronomical adventure — you won’t leave frowning!

Woodstok Resto-Cafe

Photo Source: Woodstok

Photo Source: Woodstok

With a balcony that offers a view of the quaint neighbourhood, Woodstok evokes nostalgia. It’s got an old charm with iron chairs, cosy atmosphere and posters of Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and Stevie Nicks, which we love. The sizzlers come with sides like bacon, fried eggs and vegetables. We are more than content! Vegetarians can try the sizzler in an Italian-style in the form of the Pasta Sizzler in Mushroom Room and meat-lovers can find their happy place in the beef, chicken, lamb and seafood sizzlers.

Connie’s Restaurant and Steakhouse

You’re spoiled for choice here! Move over, traditional pepper/garlic/BBQ sauces. At Connie’s, you can binge on meats and veggies with left-of-centre options like Lemongrass and Herbs, Orange and Mustard or even a {we aren’t lying} strawberry BBQ sauce! We’re already excited. Sadly, the same options aren’t available in their vegetarian dishes.

Yana Sizzlers

Photo Source: Yana Sizzlers

Photo Source: Yana Sizzlers

This chain of restaurants was started in Pune and now, it has found a home in the heart of Koramangala. Basic décor greets you upon entrance and the lack of music is one of the first things noticed, but it works well for group events. Give their Peri Peri sauce a shot! They also have great offers like the ‘Monday to Sunday’ offer in which a soup, sizzler and dessert comes for INR 650.

Feature Photo: Woodstok