Sizzle It Up! Check Out These Restaurants For The Best Sizzlers In Town

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Sizzlers have an aesthetic appeal all of their own. There’s very little that can compete with the thrill of that smoking plate at your table, dressed up with coloured veggies, mashed potato or fries. All doused in the delicious sauce to complement the meat of your choice. In fact, forget just meats, bring on the mock meat and paneer for our plant-loving friends. Check out the best places to grab a sizzler in town. 

Kobe Sizzlers

When you say Sizzlers, We say Kobe! Kobe has been a front-runner in providing sizzlers since 1975. They offer a variety of sauces — pepper, garlic, Szechuan, in an assortment of meats, beef included. Visitors swear by their Chicken Satellite (boneless chicken in mushroom sauce with mushrooms, cream, and cheese) and Paneer Shashlik. Don’t forget to leave room for their Sizzling Brownie!

Elements Eatery

Elements Eatery is one of the oldest places in town that one must check out for Sizzlers and Steaks. The ambience is cosy and with the fairy lights lit up, it turns out as a good date place in the evenings. The place transports you to Goa with its ambience and decor. They serve a wide variety of steaks and sizzlers such as Pepper Lamb Steak, Elementary Steak and Veggie-Steak Sizzlers. They have a limited menu for vegetarian but it is still worth a try. 

Café Noir

Who would’ve guessed, right? It may not be their specialty, but Café Noir’s sizzlers have found their way to this list for their rich and refreshing flavours. The boneless chicken served in BBQ sauce comes with rice and vegetables and the paneer comes in a delicious pesto sauce. The only two sizzlers on their menu is a must try for anyone who loves a good sizzler.

Smoke - The Sizzler House

If you are looking for an outdoor place that serves sizzlers and is a good spot to spend a calm evening then head to Smoke - The Sizzler House. Try their Chicken Makhani Sizzler and Grilled Cottage Cheese Steak along with their Tomato Soup which is said to be the best in town. The steaks and sizzlers served are well made and worth trying. 

Connie’s Restaurant and Steakhouse

You’re spoiled for choice here! Move over, traditional pepper/garlic/BBQ sauces. At Connie’s, you can binge on meats and veggies with left-of-center options like Lemongrass and Herbs, Orange and Mustard or even a (we aren’t lying) strawberry BBQ sauce! Try the Connie's classic Chicken Corden Bleu and satisfy the sizzler love in you. Sadly, the same options aren’t available in their vegetarian dishes.


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