Sign Up For Skating Classes At This Popular Park Near Central Bangalore

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Want to master the rink? Then, head to Coles Park, near Frazer Town, for skating classes that begin at just INR 2,000 per month.

Wheels Of Glory

Those of you who love the outdoors and want to pick up a new hobby, Coles Sports World is the answer to your prayers. Operating out of Frazer Town, the sports outfit is popular for its skating classes that are conducted at Coles Park, one of Bangalore’s best known landmarks. They offer classes for anyone who is three and above so all you need is to find a slot that suits you and slip into those roller skates.

From Monday to Saturday, the classes roll out in the evenings. There are three batches that begin at about 4pm. On Saturdays they have a morning batch too that you can swing by for. They also plan to start classes on Sunday in the near future.

King Of The Rink

Coles Sports World welcomes beginners and batches usually have about 15 participants, though they can go up to 40. At the start, you will learn skating at a recreational level but if you plan to take it up more seriously there are higher levels that you can attempt. Classes, for beginners, begin at INR 2,000 per month if you sign up for three sessions per week. For those of you interested in six sessions, per week, the fee is INR 3,500 per month. You can buy the necessary equipment at Coles Sports World itself and these begin at INR 5,000