Calling All Slackers: Try Slacklining In Cubbon Park On Sunday

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Forget the work-life balance, try balancing on a rope and the rest will fall into place! Go, give slacklining a shot. You won’t regret it.

Walk The Line

Remember trying to skip ahead of your family and balance on the edge of everything from the railings to bricks on a flowerbed? Well, don’t need to stop just because you’re an adult now! Just head off to Cubbon Park on Sunday, at about 10am and join the fun bunch of folk. All you need is some grit determination and oodles of energy.

Are You A Slacker?

For all of you scratching your heads wondering what slacklining is, then let’s just say it’s like tightrope walking. A line is fastened to trees or poles, and what makes it different from tightrope walking is that the slackline is made from nylon or polyester. You don’t have to worry about the ropes being rigged to the trees, and the fine folk of, a Facebook community dedicated to make life exciting on the ropes for Bangalore, will already have done that.

Everyone’s Invited

We went last Sunday and had a whale of a time. It’s possibly the only time we laughed so hard was when we fell. But it’s such an inclusive lot of people, we simply dusted ourselves off, and got right back up! And the best part is, you don’t need any prior experience. And age no bar, either! Stick around to watch pros {until you’re one of them, of course}, and then enjoy a nice picnic thereafter. They’re around until the guards chase them off, so you’re welcome to hang around too.

Did we mention that it’s a solid workout too? Since it’s about agility and balance, you can rest assured your calves, core and thighs will we well exercised.  Trust me, I felt it on Monday morning. So, see you this Sunday?

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