Sleep Masks That Give You The Best 9 Hours Of Zzzz

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As someone who fully believes in getting those solid eight-nine hours of sleep every day, this writer is in full support of sleep masks. Not because of their supposed novelty (think Audrey Hepburn's those satin blue ones in Breakfast at Tiffany's), but they are super beneficial to those who are light sleepers and even the faintest of lights can wake them up. We've picked up a list of top sleep masks you can buy online right now based on their design, novelty factor, and comfort. 

For Those Who Love Naps

Nap Kween Eye Mask

Anyone who's looking to invest in a sleep mask that's a bit colourful and will have someone asking you where you got it from, Cyankart has a range of eye masks for you. Our favourite is this one that says Nap Kween. It's made from neoprene and there's a layer of batting in between for comfort and to block the light. 

Price: INR 299 (on discount)

When Sleep Needs To Be Feel Luxurious

Rose Gold Eye Mask

Nothing like drifting off into a deep slumber after a long day right? Dame Essentials has a range of silk masks that will give you that feeling of luxury -- the mask is made with pure mulberry silk with mulberry silk floss on the inside. Just put you under eye cream along with the mask and your sleep will also be a night of beauty sleep. Say bye to those tired eyes! 

Price: INR 2,499

For Those Quick Naps While Travelling

Zivame Sleep Eye Mask

Need a simple but effective sleep mask that you can easily carry with you, and it's also easy to maintain? Zivame's range of polyester sleep masks will get the job done. It's moulded eye mask is comfortable and it'll block out all the light. Perfect when you need some shut-eye while commuting or taking a break at work. 

Price: INR 199

For some more travel-friendly products (that also make for awesome gifts), check this list out!

When Sleep Also Needs To Be Insta-Worthy

Panda Sleeping Mask Super Soft

For the millennials and the Instagrammers, Jholmaal has a range of colourful, designer sleeping masks in the form of pandas, owls, and emojis. We love the Tired Face Sleeping mask because it's super relatable and will also give a message to anyone trying to wake us up. Probably the Angry Emoji one is a better choice. 

Price: INR 249 (on discount)

For Those Who Only Care About Sleep

Buy Friends of Meditation 100% Mulberry Silk, Super Smooth Sleep Mask and Blind Fold (Black) Online at Low Prices in India -

When the only thing you care about is a solid nine hours of sleep, there's the Friends Of Meditation's range of sleep eye masks. Made from mulberry silk and with comfort padding and elastic strap, the only thing you need to worry about is waking up on time. It can also double up as a mask for meditation. 

Price: INR 399


On the hunt for some PJ sets to go with your new sleeping mask? Check out these online stores for quirky PJs! Oh, and, 'cause we like to cover all our bases, these products will make sure you get a good night's sleep!


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