Eggs Benedict To Hot Chocolate, These Chocolatiers Also Serve Wholesome Breakfasts Everyday

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Chocolatier and patisserie Smoor is a proud member of the breakfast club as the dessert chain has a full-fledged breakfast menu available everyday.

Eat Your Heart Out

Bliss’ Smoor is yet another addition to Bangalore’s breakfast bandwagon as the chocolatiers now have a breakfast menu that’s available everyday from 8am to noon. Previously serving a range of decadent chocolates and a list of savouries like soups, salads and pastas {read more here}, Smoor has now stepped into the breakfast game. As soon as we heard the news and saw the deliciousness on the new menu, we headed down there to tuck into some of their goodies and we were not let down. We tried their Bircher’s Muesli, a filling bowl {smoothie bowl trend, we see you} of oatmeal topped with yoghurt, fresh fruits, nuts and cream, complete with slices of fresh guava on top to add a bit more crunch to the mix. A healthy and tasty meal, this makes for quite the balanced breakfast diet.

They also have classics like pancakes and French toast on the menu, both of which come with whipped cream, caramelised bananas and a tarty fruit compote on the side. Not to mention the generous dusting of powdered sugar on top. We wouldn’t recommend either to those without much of a sweet tooth as neither goes easy on the sugar. But for all you sugar babies out their, these are definitely for you.


Poached, fried, scrambled, however you like em, these guys have got you covered on the egg front and it’s available all day and not just for brekkie. They also have what they call a Three Egg Preparation for those of you who still can’t decide, that’s serves the eggs made three ways and you get to pick from onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese and other fillings to stuff it with. For those of you trying to watch that cholestrol, they have a Healthy Preparation option, where they only work with the whites of the egg and you can get it boiled, baked, scrambled or as an omelette.

But perhaps their most popular dish on the menu is their Eggs Benedict and we can see why. With a fluffy poached egg sitting atop a warm English Muffin served with chicken salami and a hollandaise sause, this was all kinds of breakfast goals. Their are very few things that were as satisfying as watching the gooey golden yolk ooze as our knife cut through the egg. One of those was probably eating this plate of yum. Light and flavourful, if we had to pick favourites, we’re going with this one.

The Early Bird

With prices starting at INR 150 and a list of teas, coffees {their hazelnut cappucino is simply delish} and hot chocolate on the menu to pair it with, this is where we think you should head to tuck into a hearty breakfast before taking on the day. We dined at their Indiranagar branch, which also has an al fresco area that is perfect for breakfast. Their doors open as early as 8am, so head on down there after a quick morning jog or a restful sleep to sip on a hot cuppa and dig into their morning feast.



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