Satisfy Your Chips And Crunch Cravings With This Brand's Vacuum Fried Snacks

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What Makes It Awesome

We all agree snacks are awesome, right? And if we could get our hands on something that’s crunchy or chewy or whatever snackable quality you like best, guilt-free, life is good! Snack Wise, an online brand, is as close to that dream as it gets, letting you snack wisely with their range of vacuum fried chips from okra to jackfruit, as well as foxnuts, organic honey and green coffee!

A crunchy snacker? Check out their chips made of anything from beetroot (it tastes like regular chips don’t worry, just bright red) and okra, to mango (ripe and raw - available through the year) and garlic! Snack Wise has alternative favourites like sweet potato and jackfruit as well - all vacuum fried, so there’s lesser oil than your standard snack options. Speaking of alternatives, they have Makhana (fox nuts/lotus seeds) munchies in flavours like barbeque, pudina, and cream and onion.

Add some superfoods into the mix with their range of seeds and dry fruits. Snack Wise has the usual chia, flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds that can be eaten as is or as an additive. The dry fruits are available in flavours like falooda, litchi and caramel, and as mixed nuggets. 

If eating any of this sounds just tedious, get your caffeine fix by switching out your green tea with green coffee. They do have green tea in a host of infusions if that’s more your cup of tea. Add some unprocessed jamun or wildberry honey to it, and an energy bar to go with it during tea time to really snack wisely!


COVID-19 Tip: Following all safety measures. Get on to their website and order your munchies today! Also, be sure to double-check if they are delivering to your pin code.


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