BBQ Momos And Hearty Thukpas At INR 90: This Tibetan Restaurant Is All That And Dim Sum

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If you want to eat a steaming hot plate of momos or a generous serving of thukpa for less than INR 100, then Snow Lion Tibet Kitchen in Mathikere is definitely the place to visit.

What Makes It Awesome

So you're hungry -- and you've decided to gorge on some Tibetan food. Good news: we found this cute little Tibetan restaurant near Mathikere to satisfy all your thukpa cravings. Plus, it's super affordable, so even if you're on your last 500 rupee note for the month, you'll easily get to enjoy a hearty meal here. 

Go here for the food, not the ambience. The restaurant is cramped (only about 12 people can eat here at a time) and not exactly Insta-worthy, though you'll find plenty of colour what with walls lined with Tibetan prayer flags and other small religious motifs. Run by a Tibetan family, the menu features delicious Tibetan and Thai options ranging from the usual suspects that are momos and thukpas to more exotic dishes like Thai Rad Na (pan-fried noodles) and Pad Kee Mao (aka Drunken Noodles).

Momo fans, you'll love the different flavours they have on offer here, including Kung Pao, Manchurian, Thai Curry, BBQ and Chilly, all priced from INR 70 to 90. Be warned, though. The momos you get here are considerably bigger than the ones you get at street stalls, so order accordingly. If you're on a budget crunch, they have a combo offer where you get a soup, a plate of steaming hot momos, a chicken/veg/Langsha (beef) main course along with tingmo to mop it off with, and either rice or noodles -- all together for INR 100! For this price, we must say, it's easily a meal for a steal.


Outside the restaurant, you'll find a board featuring their dish of the day -- it may not always be listed on the menu, so keep a watch out for those to try something new!