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    Virat Kohli, Thor, Thanos & Infinity Stones: Bangalore City Police Is Amazing On Social Media

    Aakanksha posted on 05 May


    Kicking ass online {and offline}, the Bengaluru City Police is really going all out on social media. They’re even the first police force in the country on SnapChat! This time, Thanos makes an appearance!

    Serious Street Cred

    People in uniform always command a certain respect — all those stories on TV and newspapers really do make you want to salute them. But when they take their job super seriously, and their social media team gets on the case {pun intended} then the real fun begins! They’re making a serious effort to spread awareness in a practical way. Naturally in this social media dominated world, it is through humour, memes, videos and pop-culture references!

    First, they took over Facebook and drew us in with Game Of Thrones updates. Come on, how can you not love those! 

    Rhyme And Reason

    Oh, and then they went all badass with references to Pablo Escobar, and screen grabs from the television show, Narcos. #baws! And the classic poetry… Roses are red, Violets are blue, Heard you’re selling drugs, We’ll come visit you. And for all you smart Alecs who think you can outdo them, feel free to read responses to the posts where others before you have tried, and failed.

    Now, after a bit of a lull with memes and pop culture, they’ve back with a bang. Naturally, Thor, the God Of Thunder in involved. Oh, oh, and now they’ve involved Thanos, the ultimate Marvel Comic Universe villain, thus far! And they’re comparing their morals, to what the six infinity stones stand for. Topical as usual, the RCB wall defence of Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers also find their way onto these outstanding creatives. Slow clap, Traffic Police Social Media Team, slow clap! 

    Being Social

    They’re not even leaving behind Twitter. Solid reprimanding and feminist messages out there. And we are hooked! And hallelujah, their SnapChat is worth staying up late and watching over and over again. It’s so entertaining, you’ll want to join the forces. If you don’t trust us, then this {see image above} is how they launched their handle back in May last year.

    Manually add them on SnapChat by following @BlrCityPolice

    Find them on Facebook here.

    Follow them on Twitter here and Instagram here.

    And for the real deal, download the app on Android here and iOS here.

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