This Brand's Exotic Health Bars And Roasted Multigrain Snacks Are Something Good

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What Makes It Awesome

Tough to resist your favourite munchies and snacks? Something Good has something great to offer for those of you going the healthy way. They are known for their nutribars made with exotic nuts and dry fruits and their millet-packed savoury snacks. What's the icing on the cake? (rather, the crisp in the chip?). All the snacks are roasted, rich in protein and low in calories, albeit with zero compromise on taste. Whichever time of the day it may be, there's no dearth of energy with these flavour-packed snacks in your proximity.

 If there's a workout calling or if you just need a burst of energy before a crucial meeting at work, try out the brand's nutribars coming in three variants-- Fruit Bar, Multi-grain Bar and Fruit And Nut Bar. Three products for three boosters, your mood, your energy levels and your metabolism! Something Good also delivers its punches in the form of savoury snacks, with their Pudina Sticks, Barbeque Bites, Tomato Buttons and Cheese Rings, all free of preservatives and artificial colourings.

The brand's nutribars have a nine-month shelf life and the savoury crisps have a six-month shelf life. The price range is anywhere between INR 240 (12 snacks at INR 20 each) - INR 600 (12 bars at INR 50 each), deliverable throughout India. Best part? Shop them all only on LBB!

What Could Be Better

More flavours and options to choose from.


If you reside in Hyderabad or Bengaluru, you can buy their products from retail stores as well. 


A hearty meal, perfumes, shorts and a good old run - you've got me there