Coorgi Naarangi, Wild Mogra, Kashmiri Walnut: Click For Native Ayurveda Bodycare

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What Makes It Awesome

Nothing gets us more excited than the sound of native ingredients used in ways we didn't know they could be. Like what Sova does - casually using wild mogra in a conditioner, or Keralan cinnamon in a shampoo and Coorgi naarangi (orange) in a body wash. Now doesn't that make you look up and look them up in excitement? Here's all you need to know before clicking on Shop Now and making a purchase and enjoying this brand. 

Founded by two women who wanted good skin and hair all year round (just basic needs, you know), Sova is quickly on its way to making a name for itself in hair and bodycare. Their formula? Simple - to bottle mysteries of ancient ayurvedic recipes with modern research, basically create a balance between natural ingredients and safe science with their products - something you rarely see in the industry (read in depth on Sova's website). Apart from native, rare ayurvedic ingredients like shikakai, patchouli, bharmi, and baobab sourced from states across the country are also used. 

Sova lists all the benefits and healing properties of every ingredient they use. You can shop according to the ingredients too. For example, if you need the vitamin E and antioxidants of olive oil, try Sova's Wild Mogra and Olive Oil Conditioner or if you prefer skin-loving compounds like hyaluronic acid, use the Shea Butter and Kumari Body Lotion. We're also tempted to try Sova's bathing bars - Coconut & Warm Vanilla and Wild Musk & Sandalwood and shampoos and hair serums - Jatamansi Root & Indian Rose and Bhringraj & Kerala Cinnamon. 


Prices range between an accessible INR 250 to INR 2,000. We've added Sova's Wild Mogra and Olive Oil Conditioner and Sage & Rhubarb Bathing Bar to cart. Check out the review on LBB TV.


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