Talent Scouting: Decode Despacito And Learn Spanish In Just Six Hours From This Pro

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Popular for her Spanish In A Hurry format and her many other Spanish language workshops, Mousumi Ghosh is who you should be taking Spanish lessons from.

Speaking Spanish

Move beyond hola and gracias and up your Spanish game by learning from one of the best instructors in the city. Whether it’s to find out what Despacito is all about or prepping for a trip to Spain or South America, you could use some of Mousumi Ghosh’s help. Holding an Advanced Diploma in Spanish, Mousumi is more than qualified to get you fluently speaking the world’s second-most spoken native language. With her six-hour workshop format, called Spanish In A Hurry, that teaches people the basics and conversational skills in Spanish in a span of just six hours. Yep! Takes us back to those six-hour cramming sessions just before our exams. But if you’ve left that life behind, sign up for her more steady regular Spanish classes that she takes in her home in Indiranagar. Conducting it in levels {think A1 all the way to B2}, Ghosh takes classes all through the week and on weekends too.

Como Estas

Unlike the six-hour formats of her popular workshop, the regular classes pace it out way more with the A1 course having a time frame of 40 hours and the others a time of 50 hours. Sounds gruelling, no? Not really. Mousumi takes her classes in batches of not more than five students and spreads them out over the week or holds them on weekends. So you can fix up a schedule that works for you by giving her a call and working out the timings.  Prices for each course range from INR 8,500 to INR 12,000. Call Mousumi at +91 9740209279.

Not up for that commitment? Mousumi also conducts small workshops that you can find out about by getting in touch with her. She is also planning to team up with other language instructors in the city to create a language community at Lahe Lahe in Indiranagar, so watch out for that.


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