Under 5K: Gifts To Indulge In A Little Year End Splurging!

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Let’s face it - every living thing loves a present (have you seen that funny video of the dog getting a gift but loving the wrapping even more?!) and there’s always special brownie points for those of us who make this gifting experience extra special by putting some thought into it.

We’ve compiled a list of special gifts - gifts we think are worthy of that extra splurge - for the festive season so that they stand out. Are you ready to swipe that card? Well, let’s begin!

Lafayette Textured Hanging Lights / Light ‘Em Up

Hanging Light- Black Textured

Hanging Light- Black Textured


This gorgeous mixed-alloy pendant light is super special, not just for its design but also the fact that it certainly does make for a unique gift. It’s adjustable, perfect to put the spotlight on your dining table section, or even make a statement at the entrance. We know it’s something that certainly will be memorable.

On The Pocket: INR 3,363

Stick-Your-Pinkie-Out Tea Set / For The Love Of Chai

Sakura Tea Set - Set Of 6

If you think the Sakura flower is breathtaking, well, you’re in for a royal treat! This stunning tea set (set of 6) has the iconic pink sakura flower with a bird on a pale blue background, and is as dainty as it gets. If you’ve got besties who like to slurp their tea, hand this over, no questions asked, and hopefully, they pick up on the tea etiquette! Also, it’s a great gift to give yourself (think about those virtual tea parties!) 

On The Pocket: 3,499

The Black Box Company / Curated For Any Mood

This website is one of the reasons why so many of us have a lot of personalised gifts, thanks to its awesome collection. If you’re looking to gift something meaningful and personal, The Black Box Company is your best bet - with customised and curated gift boxes for any sort of mood. Need a work desk organiser box? They have it! Bestie loves to travel? They had a superb curated gift box for it too! All their products are made out of vegan leather, so it’s a huge weight off your conscience and pretty at the same time. 

On The Pocket: INR 1,200 onwards

Beauty Boxes For Him Or Her / Get That Glow, Finally!

Unisex Beauty Box - Gift Set

We’re all familiar with the brand Pahadi Local - a name that’s synonymous with bring you the goodness of the hills, all stored up in pretty bottles. The company makes wellness and beauty products that are made using elements sourced from the Himalayas, a sinful mix of tradition and luxury. Here, this beauty box comprises apricot oil, walnut oil, apricot scrub, lake sediment detox salt and mineral-rich Himalayan clay. It’s a great gift option for both men and women, all of us who basically think our skin seriously needs some nourishment. Worth every penny, may we add!

On The Pocket: INR 3,500

Tastefully Plated / Ware Innovation Ceramics

The Ambrosia Setting Ceramic Combo - Set of 9

The Ambrosia Setting Ceramic Combo - Set of 9


A useful gift is never a bad gift, the aesthetics are a bonus always! In the day and age of everything needing to be ‘gram worthy, Ware Innovations ceramics are perfect! Handcrafted, hella aesthetic, and high on practical use, the Ambrosia Ceramic combo is both minimalist and quirky. With eight differently shaped pieces, the set can function as serveware, or individually work as, well, anything! Your friend will thank you for the years and number of uses the set will bring! 

On The Pocket: INR 4,850

Hit The Gold Standard / Decor Remedy’s Gold Planter

Gingko Leaf Embossed Indian Gold Planter (Large)

Gingko Leaf Embossed Indian Gold Planter (Large)


Have a friend whose home has a certain vintage glamour aesthetic that is timeless? The Decor Remedy’s aesthetic is luxury, but also quite minimalist. The gold leaf embossed planter will definitely shine a light on the corner it’s kept in. Simple in design but also worthy of being a conversation piece (with or without accompanying foliage), your friend will thank you for the fancy gift. This particular piece is also available with an antique finish, and a smaller size. 

On The Pocket: INR 4,500

Shaken or Stirred / Bar Box Black Bartending Kit

Bar Box Cocktail Shaker Set Matte Black

The Bar Box has taken the country by storm with their portable, high quality, and intuitive bar sets across budgets, and for mixologists of any level of skill. Why is this one particularly? Because it’s a 13 piece bartending kit. Yes they have the usual shaker, tongs, muddler, and bar blades. They also have recipe cards, a classy wooden stand to place all these tools, a strainer, bottle stopper(s) and metal straws! This is a gift that will keep on giving, and everyone’s a winner, and you’ll get free, well made drinks every time you visit your friend next. 

On The Pocket: INR 3,570

Delight A Bookwork / Decorkart Dog Bookends

Guard Dog Bookends

Your booklover friend will thank you for these bookends that are also parts of an adorable doggos! Man’s best friend guarding man’s best treasure, what’s not to love? These two resin goodboys actually even work great at decor, even if not used strictly for keeping books. It would make a great conversation starter, with or without books in between. Decorkart makes luxurious looking decor that exudes old world class, so if the person you’re gifting it to loves dogs, vintage-esque decor, or books, this is pretty perfect as a gift.

On The Pocket: INR 3,850

Be A Keeper / Harry Potter Hamper By Dottedi

Harry Potter Hamper | Dottedi

Harry Potter Hamper | Dottedi

We all know someone who is obsessed with Harry Potter and is still super upset (or hopeful) about getting their Hogwarts acceptance letter. The Dottedi curates and creates great themed gift boxes, and the Harry Potter hamper looks good enough for any age. There’s hot chocolate mix, caramel popcorn, chips, a mug, activity book, and scrolls among other things. It’s the perfect gift for Harry Potter lovers, individually, or if you two want to geek out together. Feel free to get yourself one too in that case and thank us later. 

On The Pocket INR 3,550

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