Get Your Engravings Done For Just INR 150 At This Commercial Street Jeweller

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What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to engravings on rings, plates, and anything metallic at Jeweller’s Street, Babu is your man. His shop, Babu Engravers & Piercings on Jeweller's Street also does silver jewellery, piercings, and repairs. Getting that lasting impression with a custom engraved ring will cost you just INR 150. Mark your love with engravings on jewellery at Babu Engravers & Piercings. Impressing your bae, family member or whoever the gift is intended to will be priceless. It's all thanks to Babu and his slick engraving skills on anything metallic at his corner shop in Jeweller's Street. Just write down anything from a name to full-fledged message, in any language that too and Babu will engrave it in for you. You can even choose the style of engraving you want too - from stencil to calligraphy. 

When he's not engraving, he'll be more than happy to show his collection of accessories which include earrings, studs, and pins, oxidised silver bangles, birthstones, and a whole lot of silver curios like idols and plates. The collection of earrings are quite trendy and similar to the ones you get at Devenran Chowdary Jewellers’ and Raju Achary. Expects stone-studded studs, nose pins in the shape of turtles and with floral motifs, and ear (and nose) pins with birthstones in them. Prices for these start at INR 150.


In case you don't have a ring or anything to get engraved, you can get a silver ring from the shop itself for INR 550. The store is open from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm every day.


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