Ten-Second Takeaway

DIYers! Sri Pydal Novelty, near Commercial Street, is the motherload for all your outfit embellishment and accessory needs. Borders, laces, button, sequins, wool — you name it and you will get it, all at pocket friendly prices.

Pretty It Up


Since the 1940s, Sri Pydal Novelty has been a haven for anyone who loves to put together their own outfits. They specialise in all kinds of embellishments that can jazz up a plain outfit or you can even build an entire look with stuff that you can pick up here. The stores stacks up endless options in lace — everything from simple, thin ones to ones that feature heavy bead work. Similarly, they have borders with mirror work, intricate needlework, zari, sequin, and beadwork. You, or your tailor, can simply add these to a saree, salwar, or a dress {if you want to give it an ethnic touch} and you’ll have a dazzling outfit to add to your wardrobe. They source their products from all over India, so you can expect authentic pieces from different regions.

You can also spend your time here picking through their selection of  buttons that come in different sizes, colours, and shapes. Tassels for your saree blouses, sequins, patches, and stones are available too. R. Padham, the third-generation owner of the store, says that he always picks up the latest accessories and embellishments and he does it before they hit other stores in the city.

All About DIY


Sri Pydal is also a great place to get your supplies if you are into needlework of any sort. They have threads and needles, wool, and the best quality in crochet and knitting needles. Make your own jewellery? Then, they have semi-precious stones and trinkets on offer. And even stock the basic necessities for jewellery making.

You can reach Sri Pydal by walking down Narayan Pillai Street. And as you amble along, you’ll notice that there are plenty of similar stores here. But we recommend that you head straight here since their variety and range is unmatched. Also, they are better priced than many stores especially if you usually shop on Commercial Street.

Photos: Rudra Rakshit Sharan