Sri Rama Vilas Sweets At Gundappa Hotel Makes Legendary Carrot Halwa And Holige

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Basically it is a sweet and savories shop which was established way back in the 1940s. It is very close to the very famous Dharmarayaswamy Temple from where the Bangalore Karaga starts.

Who Is It For?

Any person who appreciates desserts and sweets would love this place!

What's The Ambience Like?

Given that it is a sweet shop, ambience is something which we shouldn’t look for, here! Let’s just call it pleasant!

Must Eat

This place serves the best carrot halwa and sugar holige. Unlike other sweet shops, a lot of khova goes into the preparation of this carrot halwa which makes it just melt in our mouth. Really heavenly. Sugar holige, a traditional Indian sweet is served best here. Apart from these two, other sweets are all also really scrumptious. Also try the badam milk – cool and refreshing.

How Was The Experience?

I’ve been going to this place for a really long time. Not just me but my father and my grandfather have also been visiting this place a lot. The quality of food is really mesmerising. Just looking at all the variety of sweets makes my mouth water! Every time I eat the carrot halwa, I feel like I’m in heaven. Only food can induce such type of happiness and apparently, this place didn’t fail to do so. Do visit this place if you haven’t yet because Indian desserts are best served here!


Parking is an issue since it’s a really busy street. Reservation isn’t required as there’s plenty of seating.


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