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Bowls That Sing To Relax Within: This Wellness Centre Practices Sound Healing

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Srikam Wellness in Indiranagar uses singing bowls for wellness and health purposes. It's like a spa that only uses sound

What Makes It Awesome

We underestimate the impact sound has on our mood. No really, get stuck in a 20 minute jam at Sony World Signal and see how you feel (or just remember the angsty emo-punk music we listened to when we were teens). At Srikam Wellness Centre in Indiranagar, you’ll realise how therapeutic sound can be, when played right. 

Using Tibetan singing bowls, Meridian bowls, and gongs, they strike or rotate it with a mallet to produce calming notes of various intensities. If you’re in tune with your Chakras, then we’ll have you know that the vibrations of the bowls match one of your Chakras, and will activate them. Non-believers, don’t worry, the sounds are just as soothing by themselves. Choose to swim in sound (that’s what it feels like, no joke!) for 30, 45, or 60 minutes for between INR 500 and INR 1,000. The best part is that it interferes with no treatment, medication, or physical routine that you’re currently undergoing. 

Should you want a more personalised session to target certain problem areas (internal or external), they can arrange that in their one on one room. Bowls are arranged in line with your actual Chakras, and they will tailor a session based on your needs. Apart from that they also have physiotherapy and Yoga sessions which incorporate the singing bowls too. 


Just remember to finish any meals at least an hour prior to your session, and avoid wearing any chunky, metal accessories for it.