#LBBLoves: Sriracha Hot Sauce Is Finally Available In India

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After years of coveting and moodily skipping through recipes that had Sriracha sauce listed as an ingredient, Bangalore residents will finally have somewhat affordable access to the hot sauce after Huy Fong Foods licensed the hot sauce to a Mumbai distributor.

Where? How?

Sriracha has been nothing short of a global phenomenon – from one production company in Los Angeles, the hot sauce has inspired recipe books, a documentary and innumerable memes.

A spicy combination of chillies, sugar, salt and garlic {among other ingredients}, the sauce was always available on Amazon for those with big appetites and even bigger wallets {a 793 gram bottle sold for a whopping INR 8,000 approximately, and had an EMI option}. We can now buy the same bottle for INR 575.

The sauce has been brought to India via Khar-based businessman Raj Sablok, who acquired a license for it back in April.

So We’re Saying…

Go forth and over-spice. You can buy your own 255 gram bottle of Sriracha here, or a 793 gram bottle here.


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