Look Like A Desi Diva With Junk Jewellery From This Store!

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Looking to update your desi look but don’t want to spend too much? Look no further than SS Collections - a store in Commercial Street that has everything from hair accessories and naths to earrings and neck pieces. 

What Makes It Awesome

Whether you are wearing a plain kurta or a simple dress, all you need to accentuate your outfit is a bold neck piece or pretty jhumkas, and you’re all set! And if you’re looking for such accessories to add to your junk jewellery collection, we have just the store for you. SS Collection is a treasure trove of all things accessories - from rings, nose pins, necklaces and sets, to earrings, bracelets and hair extensions too!

Located in the basement of a two storey building in Narayan Pillai Street, SS Collection is pretty easy to miss in the jumble of jewellery shops on that road. What caught our eye though, is their lovely collection of jhumkas, placed strategically at the storefront. Priced INR 50 upwards, they will surely add more oomph to your attire. You’ll also find bangle sets in varying colours and hues, priced at INR 150 upwards, so you can get that exact shade to match your outfit.

We also spotted studded maang tikas, naths with chains, artificial gold kadas and plenty of hair accessories. While prices can start from INR 50, you’ll also find things in the store that are more expensive. Bridal sets, for instance, include both earrings and a neck piece, and start from INR 1,250 upwards. 

Pro Tip

Since it’s Commercial Street, don’t hesitate to bargain. We bought a pair of jhumkas that were originally priced at INR 120, for just INR 70!