A Step By Step Guide To Conquering Long Runs

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Okay, running may not be a sport but racing most definitely is. And with city’s popular marathon run just 3 months away, it is time – for the serious among you, to take considerable measures in order to achieve fitness levels worthy of participation. And to you who is gearing up for the first time but doesn’t know how, worry not for we sat with our running mate {expert} and got a low-down on all that is required for running hard and running far.

Keep It Simple

Running is simple. It doesn’t require any special gear and is mostly done individually. So, start easy, and make running about you. Get to know yourself better and align your goals with your efforts.

Starting Slow

If you are putting on those adidas shoes for the first time for a run then begin slowly. For every five rounds of jogging, do one round of a run. Do it for 30 minutes and build from there.

Breathing Is Not For Granted

We often forget but without proper breathing, it is impossible to go far. Learn to take deep breaths and you’ll start to adapt to long breaths. While it may tire you when you begin, keep practicing it while driving, working, and it will start to come naturally.

Eat Proper

Do not skip any meals but do avoid carbohydrates. Cut down on rice and include protein rich foods. Eat fruits, sprouts, eggs {2-3 times a day} and never miss a breakfast. Increase fat intake and go slow on those chapattis. Instead load up on the vegetables. Also, eat dinner at least two hours before hitting bed, and then try to get in 7-8 hours of sleep.

Keep The Body Hydrated

Plain water just doesn’t cut it when it comes to keeping your body hydrated. Go for electrolytes through ORS and hydration supplements like Fast&Up to compensate for the loss of fluids. Also, avoid gulping down water at one go and instead take 2-3 sips every kilometre or two.

Sneakers Are Not Running Shoes

You may be vying for the first prize at the marathon or simply looking to strike something off your bucket list — your requirement merits the right pair of footwear. This simple shoe-finder can help you decide and choose the one that suits your running style and requirement. If you are lost and looking for expert advice on proper footwear, just join the Adidas Runners Facebook group here.

Prevent Injury

If you are looking to run long term then learn to develop your own pace and avoid sprinting at the beginning. Start slow and acquire a rhythm that suits your body. Take periodical breaks to rehydrate and switch to walking so as to conserve energy and prolong your efforts.

Wear Proper Gear

It is important to select quick dry fabric like Climachill to resist the sweltering heat and not let your clothing absorb and retain the sweat. Quick dry fabric dissipates heat quickly and helps lower the body-temperature so you’re more agile and not restricted in any way.

Build Stamina

OK, let’s break it to you: there is no way to build stamina overnight. You have to work and improve by gradually increasing your mileage. A simple trick is to follow is the 10 per cent rule. Improve your weekly mileage by 10 per cent as time on feet is more important than speed or distance during long runs. Also, keep a recovery period every 4 or 5 week where you cut down long distance run by at least 30 per cent.

Recover Those Lost Muscles

It is imperative to keep up with a schedule, day after day. So, take proteins like soya-milk or eggs within 30 minutes of your workout so as to recover the muscles and be ready for the challenge of the next day.

Follow these steps and we shall see you at the Bengaluru marathon.

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