Where to find Street Art in Bangalore

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For those who love surprises lurking around the corner {or along the way}, Bangalore may just be the right place. You never know what you might run into while finding your way through its maze of mains and crosses. With a bunch of incredible artists to add life to the many corners, empty spaces and boring {or, even those bustling} lanes, the city has some great examples of street art. We picked out some of our favourite art-spots from the lot.

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Artists: German artists teamed up with those in the city

This part of town has some really creative street art to boast of, thanks to the Urban Avant-Garde project held in 2012 in cooperation with Malleswaram Accessibility Project, Jaaga and Goethe Institut. While some of the artworks portray the quirks of the city and its people, there are a few which make you stop and think {we love the one that says ‘Ignorance is Blindness of the Soul’}. Some of the popular ones can be spotted at the Railway Station, 6th Cross and 7th Cross areas.


Artist: Shilo Shiv Suleman

Anyone who has been along the 1st A Cross Road near Jyoti Nivas College will know these wall-illustrations are too good to miss. With their catchy colours and witty thoughts {like the one by Shilo on gender-related issues}, the artworks make sure that you take a minute to admire them before continuing along the buzzing lane.

St. Mark’s Road

Artists: Ullas Hydoor and Arjun Srinivas

Painted on the side-wall of Hard Rock Café for the purpose of a music video, this image depicts freedom from hierarchy and has become almost an iconic part of the area.


Artists: Students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

What happens when you give blank walls to art students? Take a walk around the RBANMS Ground and you can see the answer for yourself. With several images, ranging from a mural map to ones that speak about the locality’s issues, the wall around the ground almost seems to come alive with colours and thoughts.


Artist: Amitabh Kumar, Arzu Mistry, Srishti students and the public

On the wall facing the Goethe Institut on CMH Road is a beautiful mural co-conceived by Fairtrade India and Arzu Mistry, an artist and teacher at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. On one side artist Amitabh Kumar has drawn a series of hands as part of a stand-alone mural, while the right side facing the main road is a crowd sourced initiative with laymen and Srishti students  joining in to co-create the mural symbolising the hand {of a farmer} that sows, reaps and grows food for us and is hence intrinsically connected to us.

MG Road

Artists: Unknown

Being one of the most happening areas in the city, it’s probably not surprising that MG Road has some of the most impressive graffiti in the city. We particularly love the vivid typography-heavy graffiti found at different spots in the area.


Artists: Students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Yelahanka got its share of artsy illustrations when the students of Srishti set out using the blank walls in the area as their canvas. From scenic shop entrances to an entire Yelahanka map on a building wall, this place definitely looks like it got a dose of art attack.

Double Road Flyover

Artists: Several

Initiated by Jaaga {a city-based creative organisation} as part of their Yellow UFO {Under FlyOver} Project and in collaboration with BBMP, the area under the KH Double Road Flyover was given a complete artistic transformation. Next time you are in the neighbourhood, look out for this amazing artwork, featuring silhouettes and colourful designs of objects and people, all done on bright yellow backgrounds.

RT Nagar

Artist: Baadal Nanjundaswamy

Known for his activism through street art, Baadal Nanjundaswamy has created quite a few ‘pothole protests’ in this area. His imaginative works include turning a 12-feet long pothole into a crocodile pond with a life-sized {but, thankfully fake} reptile in it, painting a cobweb around an open drain and portraying a pothole as the open mouth of Yama {the Hindu God of Death}, among others.


Artists: Mohavi Mohandas, Students of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and the local community

Triggered by the underdeveloped area near the service road by the Yeshwantpur Metro Station, Mohavi Mohandas {artist and alumnus of Srishti} and a group of students from the design institute took up the task of intervening through art. Facilitated by Amitabh Kumar and supported by the local community, they went about painting on the stalls of the street vendors in the area. While the place may not be completely spruced up yet, the sight of these colourful, welcoming stalls is definitely a visual treat.

Kalyan Nagar

Artist: Stinkfish

Stinkfish, a popular Colombian artist, is known for his travels around the world, leaving behind a trail of amazing artworks in every city he visits. His technique involves using images from photographs to create vibrant murals with psychedelic themes and elements. And, yes, he has left his mark on Bangalore as well. Some of the paintings from his time here can be spotted at Kalyan Nagar.

Church Street

Artist: Marko 93

Marko 93, a French graffiti artist and light painter, was in town as part of his India tour. Fascinated by big walls in public spaces, he loves knowing that people continue to live with and connect to his art even after he has gone from the place. Inspired by light, he loves using reflective paint/stickers. His artwork, which can be spotted at Church Street {near the Numa Bengaluru building}, mostly revolves around animals, from cats and dogs to tigers, depicting the “urban jungle” we inhabit.


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