We Checked Out The Street Food Lane Behind Bagmane Tech Park That Techies Swear By

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We recently visited Bagmane Tech Park to check out the food truck scene there only to be left disappointed {apparently no food trucks were there on that day}. And in the walled compounds of the tech park, we did one thing that we are good at — talk to people. Turns out, the back gate of Bagmane Tech Park opens to a lane that’s bustling with all kind of hunger busters ranging from momos to spicy aloo tikki chaat. After having waited for almost 45 minutes {the gate opens at specific times only with one slot being 4 pm}, we were welcomed by autos, cows, and a small lane of carts selling food. Here’s what we recommend.

Rajesh's Chaat Cart

Awaiting the incoming crowd of techies who are out for their 4 pm snack is Rajesh and his little cart selling aloo tikki chaat, dahi puri, and pani puri. Fresh aloo tikkis are fried on a hot, flat tawa before being crushed and topped with spicy green peas curry, spicy green chutney, onions, sev, and coriander. Priced at INR 20 per plate, the piping hot chaat is perfect to go with your chai. Pani Puri is priced at INR 20, while Dahi Puri is at INR 25. Service is quick even during rush hour and we like that.

Momo's From Momo Guy

We forgot to ask his name, but he’s the only one selling momos, so it’s really hard to miss him. Vegetarian and chicken momos are all that he sells and he’s got quite a following. Chutney is spicy, the prices are nominal {INR 40 for veg and INR 50 for non-veg}, and momos are steamed to goodness. What else do you need for that quick snack?

Paddus And Samosas At Akka's Bajji Cart

While there are two cart’s that sell bajjis here, the one close to Rajesh’s cart is what we liked. Samosas and kachoris are sold in abundance, but it’s the soft paddus and crispy masala vadas that stole our heart. Served with coconut chutney and spicy red chutney, a plate of one paddu, masala vada, and bonda costs just INR 10. While we were munching on our crunchy vada, we saw a lot of people parcelling bajjis to either take home or back to work. Next time you need a paddu party, hit up Akka’s Bajji Cart {we are calling the cart that’s run by a husband-wife duo}.

Kathi Rolls From Kolkata's

This is a little further down the road and while it’s known for its Bengali style thalis, the kathi rolls in the evenings are quite the winner for us. Egg rolls are what we tried and the spicy kick brought on by the green chillis is something we loved. Also, the cucumber and onion filling was quite a change from the usual onion-only fillings that we are used to. Samosas, vegetable chops, egg devils, and chicken cutlets are also available and sell out quick.

Sugarcane Juice, Peanuts And South Indian Chaat

If you need a major sugar rush, there’s a guy selling fresh sugar juice for INR 25 a glass. Ask him to skip the ginger if you really want it to be just sugar and nothing else. The kadala guy parks his cart next to the momo guy and it’s INR 10 per cone of peanuts. You could try having peanuts with momos like we did. The chutney goes well with the peanuts, you guys. If you love masala puri and all that jazz, then the cart between Rajesh’s and Akka’s does them all. Prices start at INR 20.


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