Whether you stay in Banashankari or just set out to explore the hood, if it’s street food you’re longing for, look no further than the happening BDA Complex here. Apart from stores offering apparel, accessories and foodstuff {think freshly ground coffee or hot chips}, there are quite a few food joints or stalls scattered around the building. With everything from piping hot jalebis and potato twisters to pani puris to pick from, this is where you can go on a snacking spree.

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Hari Super Sandwich

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Poonam Sweet Centre




Perfect when you want something to munch on while you go about on a round of window shopping, this tiny stall has deep-fried potato twisters {a popular snack from South Korea} for your snack cravings. While the hot and crispy Chatakedaar stick comes with a generous dash of chaat masala {they also have a pudina flavoured version}, you have seasonings like Italian, pasta or pizza to add on, if you’re up for a mix of flavours.

Poonam Sweet Centre



No trip to the Banashankari BDA Complex would be complete without stopping by Poonam Sweet Centre. Serving freshly made North Indian snacks, this one’s a top favourite. From regulars who have been frequenting the spot since their childhood to newbies who’ve just discovered it, the food joint is known for its hot jalebis and samosas. Apart from their specials which include Dhoklas and Kachoris, they also have sweet treats like Rabdi and Malai Sandwich to load up on.

Lakshmi Sweets And Chaats



Having been around for quite a long time, Lakshmi Sweets and Chaats is the go-to place for many in the hood when they’re craving for some good old Gobi Manchurian. Crispy and laden with soy sauce, the dish is quite filling and best had with a soft drink. Want something lighter? Their menu also lists out a selection of chaats, including the Masala Puri seems to be a popular choice.

Pani Puri Vendor

What better than a plateful of pani puri to keep you going through an evening of shopping! While you might come across quite a few pani puri vendors in and around the BDA Complex, we suggest you head straight to the one right next to Chopstick. Or perhaps the constant crowd near the stall will invariably guide you there! Be prepared to join the queue of customers and wait a bit before you’re served pani puris stuffed with a handful of aloo and brimming with the tangy tamarind water.

Navi Super Cakes



For those who’ve got a sweet tooth, Navi Super Cakes’ humble store will sort you out. Offering an array of pastries and cakes {can be customised as per order}, all sourced from Sweet Chariot, their sweet goodies get sold out by evening. While the chocolate pastry and cupcake are what you can try here, they also have light eats like puffs and pizza rolls.

Hari Super Sandwich


Photo: Devika Raman

Known for their veg sandwiches with a desi twist, Hari Super Sandwich has an outlet in the BDA Complex, offering around 14 different kinds of the snack. Their Chocolate Sandwich with an entire chocolate bar and an Amul cheese slice, is a crowd favourite. The Dahi Toast options here include ones like Cheese Chilli Dahi Toast and Cheese Corn Dahi Toast, generously slathered with their special chilli chutney and topped with sev, carrots, chaat masala and coriander. For snacks, pick from their Boondhi Masala, Congress Masala or Bhel Puri, among others.

Sri Laxmi Venkateshwara Coffee Bar

Just a hop, skip and jump away from the BDA Complex, Sri Laxmi Venkateshwara Coffee Bar {or SLV, as it’s popularly known} deserves a special mention simply for its iconic status. While they do have dishes like Khara Bath, Kesari Bath and Masala Dosa, the soft idlis and crunchy vadas {served with their signature coconut chutney} are what you must try here. Add on a tumbler of strong filter coffee to complete the meal!

Photos: Abheet Anand/LBB