Teak Wood Mirrors To Cane Swings, This Studio Will Make You Want To Redo Your Home Right Away

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What Makes It Awesome

Tucked away from Bangalore's busy Whitefield roads, in Lake View Farm, Studio Ebony is a decor store catches attention with pretty lamps peeking through their glass windows and the lovely cane chairs sitting outside the store. As we made our way inside the tastefully done up store, we wanted to redecorate our homes immediately. With teak wood tables, cane swings to cosy up in and pretty lamps, this place stocks up on elegant furniture that would suit any space and setting. They also have plenty of decor elements on offer — from lamps to table runners, if furniture isn’t on your radar right now. 

Everything here is apparently made from reliable cane and teak wood. We’re loving their selection of handcrafted teak beds, that are both sturdy and elegant and have pillowy mattresses resting on top of them. Buy these beauties for prices starting at INR 50,000 (mattresses comes at an additional cost, of course). If you’re looking to quirk things up, their colourful woven cane chairs or couches with pretty pastel upholstery are for you. But if we had to pick favourites, we’re going with their quirky cane swings that come with comfy cushioning. Starting at INR 23,000, we can’t wait to put them up in our homes and spend all day in them.

We have to tell you about their collection of pretty lamps from lamp posts to table lamps that we spotted in every nook and corner of the store. From lamp stands in eye-popping oranges and pinks to ceiling lamps in more sombre hues, whatever the mood, they’ve got your mood lighting covered. Apart from this, find bronze statuettes, vintage teak wood mirrors and cane bins and baskets if you’re looking for a decor upgrade. Prices for these start at INR 2,000.


Studio Ebony also has gems in restored vintage and antique furniture. They have showrooms in Bangalore, Chennai and Pondicherry but you can place online enquiries and orders through LBB's Enquire Now feature and have any piece shipped worldwide!


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