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Studio Kokaachi’s New Set of Matchbox Comic Books



    Studio Kokaachi’s first set of MatchBox Comix are six tiny comics packaged inside beautifully designed matchboxes. Great for gifting, even better for hoarding, this one’s a proper collectible.

    Monster’s inc

    The name Kokaachi is inspired by the monster that was the protagonist from one of founder Pratheek Thomas’ favourite childhood stories. Nobody knows what a Kokaachi is or how it looks, it’s not even on Google. The name then was fitting for a storytelling studio that wants to interpret stories in their own unique way. The Cochin-based three-person (co-founder Tina Thomas and Aravind Jose are the other two) publishing-cum-storytelling studio (formerly of Manta Ray Comics that shut shop in 2013). works with artistes and collaborators from all over the country to create original graphic stories told through comics, illustrated tales, picture books, animation and movies. The trio want to tell stories but not the done-to-death mythology or super hero stuff. “Stories for all ages – for the child in you, for the adult that you are today or may become someday,” that is their tagline.

    Matchbox 2

    Described as “comic bites”, these six tiny comic strips designed like paper accordions are printed on thick matte paper and are packed in red, blue, green. purple, orange and grey matchboxes. They capture themes as varied as a wispy dandelion’s journey across mystical lands, a superhero who is off to meet his lady love, a small boy with a big imagination, the love life of cement sacks, the day the world ends and the original tale of the monster Kokaachi.

    Coming soon

    Studio Kokaachi is all set to release the first book from a comic book series called Twelve this month. They have also recently released their much-loved Mixtape series, a collection of graphic tales from upcoming storytellers, illustrated in black ink on old-school brown paper, after all, according to their own admission, these guys are crazy about print.

    Where: Find the online catalogue here

    Price: INR 800