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Magnetic Succulents, Living Frames & Totem Planters: We Are In Love With This Store's Decor Pieces

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    Add colour and life to your space or office desk courtesy Leaf Life. The Koramangala store’s collection of succulents and cutesy planters will have you swiping your card over and over.

    What Makes It Awesome

    In addition to being cute as a button, succulents are also an alternative to bringing in a bit of greenery and life to any space. Leafy Life's store specialises in all things succulent, living flowers, and pretty planters, it’s going to be hard for you to not pick up anything once you are in the store. You’ll probably want to buy them all given that they have succulents that look like mini bonsai trees, bouquets of roses, cluster cactus, and wavy ones that look like shark fins. They also have a whole lot of Sansevierias, which are basically low-maintenance flowering plants and these serve as the perfect replacement for the bigger and harder to maintain regular house plants. 

    The other section of the store is dedicated to just planters and these come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Our favourites from the lot include the magnetic and the totem planters. Stick them on your fridge, window sill, your work desk or wherever you feel like. Just make sure you have a metallic surface to stick it too. If you have flower vases at home, you should check the collection of totem planters. These come with live plants and flowers of your choice (like fittonias) and can be a perfect substitute for having to replace drooping flowers every other day. 


    Do check out the living frames too. These are rectangular {and other shapes too} frames full of wallflowers and require minimal care. Decor hack right there. Bowls, cubes, rectangle, tubes, and disc planters are others available in the stock. These can be customised depending on your plant preference.

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