Glitter, Flowers, And Everything Nice -- This Baker Makes Super Insta-Friendly Cupcakes

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    Ever have those cravings where you just want one bite of dessert, no frills? Cupcakes are perfect for those trying times, and Sugar & Flour Bakes will satiate those cravings. For those of you whose aesthetic is floral, Roshni is your woman. With a home based studio in Yelahanka, she loves custom orders, especially if there’s a special meaning behind the theme of the order. Not one for super frilly orders (unless you’re talking about the pattern of the icing of course), her speciality is cupcake bouquets! One for the ‘Gram, Pinterest board, and the squad or family Whatsapp group for sure. Oh, and they’re mostly eggless!

    While we think beauty comes from within, these cupcakes are gorgeous on the outside. Decorated largely with buttercream rosettes, you can get them in floral designs (duh), regular swirls, woven patterns, they’re as much a treat to the eyes as the bakes are a treat to the palate. The cake flavours are also fully customisable with the usual favourites like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, lime, and can include fillings (caramel is a hot favourite). You can mix and match as you like, and if you have any special requests like sprinkles, glitter, toppers, or specific colours for the icing, Sugar & Flour Bakes is happy to oblige and satisfy. The cost depends entirely on what you order, and the customisations requested, so contact them on social media to place your order. 


    Sugar & Flour Bakes also makes regular cakes that are also fully custom orders.