#SummerIsHere: 5 Shoe Trends That Are Here To Stay

Ten-Second Takeaway

Summer is officially here, which means that it is time to add some cool vibes to your wardrobe. And while everyone focuses on the apparel department, we are here to give you all the deets on how to put your best foot forward. Trust us, it is time to step up and add some style points to your footwear.

Excited? Well you should be, because we cannot wait to get our hands, {sorry feet} on them.

Swarovski Slip-on

Swarovski Slip Ons

It is without doubt a fact that summer brunches and parties are soon going to be an integral part of your schedule. And the most important thing to keep in mind while choosing your footwear in such a scenario is comfort and style. These Swarovski slip-ons are just what you need to create the perfect style statement.

Also, since they are handcrafted velvet along with leather lining for comfort, this one is ideal for all your weekend parties.

Buy them here.

Woven Sneakers

Woven Sneakers

If there is any single purchase in our wardrobe that we love, then it is these woven moccasins. Whether it is running to meet a friend, late night drinks or even a casual Friday at work, these sneakers are great for any occasion.

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Suede/ Leather Loafers

If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that are comfortable enough to live in, and can do justice to more than one outfit in your wardrobe, then look no further than these suede/leather loafers.

For a fun brunch, pair this one with a smart pair of jeans and shirt, and make stepping out in style, look effortlessly cool.

Buy them here.

Zardozi Moccasins

Planning a summer getaway? Then make sure you pack these Zardosi {gold embroidery} moccasins, which is truly elegant and one of a kind. Light, durable and fashionable, this is one pair that you cannot go wrong with.

Plus, since they are available in multiple colours, you can not only choose one that matches your style but also customise your motif/design.  Our pick? The blue one.

Buy them here.

Monk Straps

If we had our way, we would spend the entire summer on a beach, but all us have to go to work. Which is why these Monk Straps are a great choice for any formal or semi-formal event. Plus, they keep things fuss-free, simple yet formally elegant, something that every man deserves in his wardrobe.

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This summer, you owe it to yourself to revamp your collection and start the season on a stylish note. Have you chosen your favourite?

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This story is in partnership with Modello Domani.