Sunday Brunch Done Right With Bingo

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What Makes It Awesome?

Spellbound! One word description for the Sunday brunch I had at Melange, Radisson Blu. The service, decor and ambience, everything was top class. It was a huge spread for a Brunch and really worth your buck.

Where shall I start first? The salads or soups or starters or the live counters or the mocktails.

Let me start with the gourmets served here.
-Garlic bread: Slight garlic Flavour, a tinge of dryness with a fresh pound of bread.
-Ciabatta: Hard and awesome.
-Soft Roll: Soft and spicy, which had oregano infused in it.
-Hard Roll: To my surprise, this was soft.
-Potato Parsley Roll: Potato and parsley stuffed in a roll. Which was baked with perfection? Mainly the shape was epic.
-Multigrain Roll: The healthier one.

-Kamala Kunj: Orange concoction with spices.
-Litchi and Lemon: A wonderful combination
Guava and chilli.

The Salads,
-Ceaser Salad
-Grilled Vegetable Platter
-Som Tum Salad
-Hawaiian Salad in Pineapple Shell: Beautifully presented in a fantastic mixture of vegetables
-Russian Salad
-Mille Feuille of Vegetable Olive Dressing
-Maki- Avacado Asparagus
-Urmaki- Pickled Vegetables
-Maki- Salmon Asparagus
-Terikayi Chicken
-Fish Roulachi
-Chermoula Chicken with Zucchini Roll

-Paya Shorba: Spicy and awesome with a good -Flavour of Paya.

-Panner Satay: The Chicken Satay made to Panner, good combination.
-Paniyaram: I got my hot Paniyaram or Paddu from the love counter. The paniyarams mixed with gunpowder was epic.
-Murgh Tikka: Amazing spicy and marinated Indian dish, which was great
-Fish Fingers: Good one in a row
-Lamb Grill: Marination was perfect, the dish was cooked in perfection

Main Course,
-Murgh Tikka Masala: Chicken Tikka in a gravy. Wow! This is epic.
-Bhuna Ghosht: Lamb cooked well to perfection and the masala was epic.
-Carrot Beans & Cashew Nut Poriyal: The classic salt carrot beans.
-Bhindi Amchuri: This was my favourite dish here. Bhindi with great spices
-Punjabi Kadi Pakoda: The Kadi Pakoda was a little disappointing here.
-Hyderabadi Ghosht Biryani: One word for this is Delicious.
-Singapore Noodles: Classic and awesome.

Live Counters,
-Pani Puri or Puchkas: Classic
-Aloo Tikki: This is icy
-Dahi Bhalla: Loved it here.
-Fruit Chat: The fruits were cut and made a chat -with Indian masalas.
-Apam: This is the best dish here. Loved the shape and also the taste.
-Chicken Stew: perfect
-Mongolian exotic meat and Vegetables: A classic dish, never experienced such class.

The desserts were the highlight here,
-Tiramisu: Tiramisu is my favourite, but here, it was presented in a Cup which was made with Chocolate.
The exact proportion of Kaluha and eggs were awesome.
-Strawberry & Mango Slice: Yum as hell, a fantastic combination though.
-Walnut Tart: Chocolate dipped walnut in a tart.
-Sacher: One classic Chocolate dessert.

I can tell that Melange has a huge spread which is a class apart. Other than the spread, The Bingo or house game is also interesting where you can win Vouchers for a stay in Radisson and Spa.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

Not the Ghatotkatcha from Mahabharata, but a Foodie from Bengaluru who loves to explore