Sundooq’s Organic Spice Mixes Make It Easy To Cook Flavourful Curries & Chutneys

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What Makes It Awesome

The bustling flavours, aromas, and methods of regional recipes handed down from one generation to the next, is what makes Indian cooking so interesting. Add to that the fact that India is home to an incredible variety of spices. While the knowledge and ingredients are all there, what is missing perhaps is the convenience to bring them together in making our Sunday cooking more special. We found you a brand that makes a new variety of ready-to-use, preservative-free spice mixes that will ensure the curry you make is full of flavour, and you don’t spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen while at it. Say hello to Sundooq!

I am all for hassle-free cooking. Why take the trouble of stocking the very specific spices and grinding them fresh before every meal, when you have Sundooq that offers 100% vegetarian, gluten-free, zero-preservative spice mixes. Sundooq uses traceable, sustainably sourced, and ethically produced ingredients in their mixes.The brand’s artisanal blends are packed in recyclable packaging and delivered to you to notch up your home cooking experience. 

You must try out Sundooq’s Rogan Josh mix. An all-time favourite dish where all the spices come together in a rich curry. All you have to do is toss in the mutton and prepare a portion of basmati rice to go with it. The Gassi blend too has all the spices, flavours and dried coconut that simply have to be added to some freshly made coconut milk and voila! The taste will instantly transport you to a homely Mangalorean kitchen overlooking the Konkan coast.

The brand stands for diversity so you’ll also find a Meghalayan Dohneiiong blend (black sesame seed, pepper, dried ginger flakes, dried pink onion, and bird’s eye chilli) as well as Kashmir’s Yakhni blend (a creamy yoghurt curry spiced with fennel and ginger).


Want to try a little bit of everything Sundooq has? Get the Sundooq Experience Box. It includes four ready to cook curry mixes, three ready to eat chutney mixes, along with recipe cards, all packed in a beautiful box wrapped up in mul fabric. Perfect for gifting too!


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