T-Rex Burgers And Bucket Biryanis: These Super-Sized Dishes Will Tame The Glutton In You

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When it comes to food, size does matter! Or so these restaurants will have us believe. You can take several {seemingly endless} bites of hunky burgers, dosas that don’t seem to finish, and platters of rice dishes. Here’s where you and your growling tummy should head to!

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Bucket Biryani – S.S. Bucket Biryani

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The Animal – Plan B

Arabic Kabsa - Kabsa House

This tiny joint, in one of Kalyan Nagar’s bylanes, sure knows how to pack a big punch. Kabsa {of the National Dish of Yemen fame} is the menu’s main star here. Your and your family and friends can gather around an elegant platter that’s piled high with fragrant rice that’s topped with a large hunk of chicken or fish. Not enough? Yogurt, fried bread, and a thick gravy accompany the massive plate. Read more about kabsa here

Paper Dosa - RK Dosa Camp

Located in Wilson Garden, RK Dosa Camp is an unassuming joint that doles out crispy, giant-sized paper dosas. For just 50 bucks, you can wolf your way through a crunchy dosa that’s almost five times larger than a regular dosa. Just dunk bits of it into the creamy coconut chutney that’s served along side and cement your glutton status. For more on the RK Dosa Camp, click here.  

Laham Mandi - Ta’am

Gather the troops and head to this no-frills, basement restaurant just off Cunningham Road. Settle in and order up the menu’s standout dish — the Laham Mandi. In no time, an enormous platter that’ll take up most of the table will be placed in front of you. The dish is mostly made up of lightly-spiced, fragrant rice. But the piece de resistance sits at the centre and takes the form of a leg of lamb that is cooked to a tenderness and falls of the bone at the lightest prod. Happy eating!

Bucket Biryani - S.S. Bucket Biryani

Gorge on biryani by the bucket-loads at this restaurant! A great option if you are having an impromptu party at home, the bucket biryanis here are crowd pleasers no doubt. The Standard Pack involves a full-sized bucket loaded to the brim with delish biryani. You also get servings of Chicken 65, boiled eggs, and raita to ensure that you have a complete meal. Click here for more. 

T-Rex Burger - Peppa Zzing

Get ready to be intimidated by the towering T-Rex Burger at this popular joint. The two, downy buns are separated by three types of patties {beef, chicken, and lamb}, buttered mushrooms, mustard onions, and a fried egg. If you don’t have the stomach for this whopper, we suggest you stick with their Whammys and Monster Burgers {that are as big as your head}.

The Animal - Plan B

You know you are in for an enormous treat when a pub spins a challenge around a dish. That’s exactly what happens at Plan B! The Animal is beefed up with five hunky meat patties that’s topped with streams of cheese and a fried egg. If you can finish up the burger and all the accompaniments in a matter of minutes then the burger is on the house. Otherwise, you go home stuffed to the gills and with meat sweats.

Hot Pot - New Leaf Restaurant

When you think you can slurp up a vat of soupy awesomeness stop by this restaurant on Church Street. The Hot Pot here can easily feed to four to six hungry mouths. Once you’ve ordered your hot pot {there’s a spicy and a mild version}, they bring the boiling broth to your table. It’s then placed on the heater {on the table} and you can add in the raw ingredients {the add ons} that you’ve ordered. You choose from a long list here – prawns, mutton rolls, chicken sausages, bean sprouts, white pumpkin and a whole lot more — and bulk up the dish so that you have even more to chomp on. 

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