Jazzing Up An Outfit? Check Out This DIY Wonderland On Comm Street

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Laces, borders, and clothing accessories — you can take your outfit to the next level with your loot from Surya Collections on Commercial Street. Prices begin at a mere INR 30.

Get Your Bling On

A tiny yet super busy shop on Narayana Pillai Street {just off Commercial Street}, Surya Collections {not to be confused with Surya Emporium}, has on display a dazzling display of clothing accessories. Their collection of laces and borders pips other shops in the area and if you’d like to embellish your lehengas or even a dress, this is the place to swing by.

You’ll be spoilt for choice if you are looking to deck up a plain saree, a lehenga or even a blouse. The shelves here overflow with borders with delicate embroidery work, beads, and bold motifs. You can also pick simple coloured borders with a satiny finish or netted ones with sequin work. Prices begin at about INR 30 {per metre} for the borders. You can also snap up metres of lace here. In this section too, you can spot basic ones in white or black and there are also elaborate ones with all the works.

All The Trimmings

Looking for tassels to pretty up your blouse? You can choose from a lineup of boxes stacked with plain Jane ones to over the top options. The smaller ones are made with threads, beads, and tiny bells while the fancier ones feature glasswork and stones. The store also has a collection of buttons, wool, and other DIY necessities.


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