Gourmet Sushi from Shiro Now Home Delivered in a Bento Box

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Must Eat

Makimono Bento

Must Drink

Unfortunately, they don’t deliver cocktails.

What we loved

Bento boxes delivered to your doorstep! Now we can eat sashimi and sushi at home in our pajamas – the deliverance of couch potatoes and Netflix addicts everywhere. Six Bentos on offer, including two veg options and a Donburi style Bento as well. They even pack a set of nifty chopsticks.

What didn’t impress us

The logistics hurdle. They use Swiggy to deliver – so first thing you need to do is check whether you are in Swiggy’s delivery radius. Yes – you get the Bento. N0 – well, reality bites.

When is the ideal time to order

The hallowed lunch hour. I say drop your dabba at home and get a Bento delivered to office. Brownie points for expertly maneuvering those chopsticks.


If you are entertaining at home, re-plate the contents of the Bento for an elegant and fancy sushi lunch.

Where: Shiro, 222, 2nd Floor, UB City Mall, Vittal Mallya Road

When: noon-3pm

Contact: 080 49652888

Price: INR 445 – INR 625 for the bento boxes

Find out more here.


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