This Brand Makes Juices And Syrups That Make Perfect Mixers For Your Drinks

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What Makes It Awesome

What started out as a cold-pressed juicer to make the citizens of Bangalore healthy has now turned into a syrup maker. More than purchasing it and consuming it at home, the founders realised what a big hit Swa was at bars where mixologists were creating delicious cocktails with their juices as the base. With flavours like passion fruit, Hibiscus and even pomegranate, Swa has become very popular among bartenders. Upon realising the success of the brand, the folks behind it created syrups that can make about 25 to 30 drinks. The best part? It's all-natural and handcrafted!

In case you want to try Swa syrup-based drinks, you can try it at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Windmills and Social. Swa works with minimal ingredients and time tested artisanal techniques to create a distinct balance of tart, sweet and complex flavour. The best part is that if you are a mixologist and are looking for a particular syrup, they will create it for you. The Passion Fruit and Pineapples & Birds Eye Chilli are our favourites. And if you don't drink alcohol, you can choose to use the syrups with water, soda or even tea. So for those of you who like your drinks natural, healthy, and a great base for cocktails, check out Swa.


You can buy their syrups from Shop from LBB