Choco Pastries, Breads And Loads Of Nostalgia At This Old-School Cafe

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What Makes It Awesome

If you were around from before the 2000s, then one (or all) of your birthday cakes would have been from here. Remember those Mickey Mouse ones? Yup, Sweet Chariot. A bakery and café chain that started all the way in 1981, these guys originally wooed Bangalore with their Hot Chocolate Sundae, jam biscuits, party cakes and puff – all doled out from their tiny, sub-street level store on Brigade Road. But hey ho, as they grew, so did their spaces and number of outlets and we got treated to a kitchen and scrumptious continental food from it. From sandwiches and cutlets to full-on lasagnes, Sweet Chariot was and is still a place for comfort food. Especially if you’re trying to relive college day catch-ups!

Most of the outlets are decked out in orange, green and white with the dessert bays taking up most of the space. Don’t expect much of an ambience but be prepared for gaggles of college kids, loud music and some sort of television to keep you amused. Sandwiches and lasagnes are still hot-sellers (although their kitchen activities might be affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so these may or may not be available) and you’ll do well to stick to those. Plus, chocolate tart, rich chocolate pastry and walnut brownie sundae to end on a sweet note. Your sojourn with Sweet Chariot doesn't end here. They're still, to this day, exceedingly famous for their cakes and pastries that boast of a soft sponge, creamy frostings and even a sugar butter icing, to revive the olden day charm. They also have good old apple cakes and the no frills fruit flavoured, butterscotch, coffee and chocolate cakes. When your sweet tooth is satiated, take their breads back home and enjoy the next day's toast. 

Place orders with them through LBB'S Enquire Now feature and you will notice that even after all these days, the quality hasn't ebbed. 


A full-time Mum, part-time market research executive, Aditi is a self-confessed shopaholic and foodie. When not chasing after her daughter, she'll be catching up on The Blacklist or dancing like no one is watching.