Shaken, Not Stirred: Get Cocktail Ingredients Delivered To Your Doorstep And DIY

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What Makes It Awesome

In the mood for cocktails, but not to get out of home? Swizzle Cocktails will deliver all the ingredients (in the right proportions) to you, sans the alcohol. Perfect for parties where everyone wants something wildly different, or for when you want to step up from a vodka cranberry juice, Swizzle delivers party packs and single serves. The menu (of sorts) has been split based on the alcohol (not included in the packs) used in the cocktails. The mixes (mocktails pretty much) can be fully crafted at home, garnish and all! Using bottles, boxes, and mini-jars, the package also comes with a set of instructions for the perfect cocktail. 

We tried the Bloody Mary, Orange Tundra (a play on Screwdriver), and Dragon Fruit Mojito (Swizzle special). The instructions are clear, easy to execute, and the perfect proportions result in no surprises in taste or quality. The Bloody Mary was standard, and we have no complaints. We swapped the vodka with gin for the Orange Tundra and it tasted just as great, albeit on the sweeter side. The Dragon Fruit Mojito (white rum based) was like a piece of art, and could stand its ground against any professionally mixed cocktail. They even sent us the dragon fruit chunks, mint leaves, and syrup. Also on the sweeter side, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Prices for single serves range between INR 149 to INR 219. The party packs range from INR 499 to INR 849. Contact them on social media to place an order. 

What Could Be Better

They're only available at select locations via food delivery platforms. However you can call them or DM them and get the kits delivered. 


The ingredients are fresh, and so it’s best you consume it as soon as possible, and they have combos available for those of you who want a cocktail party at home. 


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