Master An Instrument Or Learn How To Sing At Taaqademy

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What Makes It Awesome

Founded in 2011, by the award-winning musicians Bruce Lee Mani and Rajeev Rajagopal (both from Thermal And A Quarter), Taaqademy has quickly grown to be the school of choice for music in the city. The school offers in-depth classes in guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals for both beginners and more advanced players. Here, the instruction is a comprehensive approach involving ear training, music theory, muscular training, sight-reading and ensemble playing, across all instruments and disciplines. The course is really thorough, so by the end of it, you’re going to be competent, to say the least. You won’t be left in the dark about your skill either – periodic assessments shed light on your strengths and weaknesses. Depending on your preferred learning style, you could either opt for one-on-one classes or a group session, the latter being a fun way to interact with the other students and understand group dynamics.

Who better to learn from than instructors who practise what they preach? The faculty, being live performers themselves, have years of experience under their belts, in a variety of different styles. Sign up for the performance workshops, jams and recording sessions and get prepped for your own gig someday. And if you’d like to pursue music in an academic capacity, Taaqademy is associated with RockSchool (a UK-based music examination board) giving you the opportunity to earn certifications that are valid worldwide.


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