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Burn Rubber Or Score A Goal At This Sarjapur Games Arena That's Home To 30+ Activities


Paintball or skatepark? Well, whatever gets your adrenaline going, Play Arena is where you need to head to for some weekend thrills. They’ve over 30 activities for you to take part in.

What Makes It Awesome

Our go-to destination for weekend shenanigans that involve shooting people or get our knees scraped is Play Arena. And it’s just not paintball and a skatepark that these guys have, there’s a big list (read 30+) of activities that are guaranteed to get your adrenaline rushing. Go-karting is what tops the list of must-do activities followed by paintball and laser tag. The playing field is our favourite area as we can either lace up our studs to play a game or two of five-a-side football or wear our Jordans and shoot some hoops. Cricket and rugby are also available.

Some of the cool off-ground activities include the ever-popular Climbing and Bouldering, wherein you can show off your Aron Ralston moves. And don’t worry, there are experts there to ensure that you don’t pull off another 127 hours like Aron did. Target shooting, bowling, 3D game simulators, badminton, table tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, and zorbing are other activities. To sum it up, these activities are perfect for those crazy birthday parties, corporate activities for team bonding (yeah, right), and random “Dude, let’s go play a round of paintball” scenes.

Whether you are going on a weekend or a weekday, everything’s accessible to you albeit the fact that the individual charges for each activity are different during weekends and weekdays. These individual charges start from as low as INR 150 per person. In case, you are coming with a group, you can rent out the playing field, swimming pool, or even play those mystery rooms wherein you need to solve puzzles and the likes to win the game.


The corporate packages start from as low as INR 660 for four activities per person between Monday to Thursday. Friday to Sunday different rates apply. Also, guys, don’t worry about the fact that it’s Sarjapur. After a day of fun, you can always hit up Xtreme Sports Bar located within the premises to unwind with a pint of beer and some good grub.

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