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Slides To Treehouses: This Play Area In Koramangala Is Going To Be Your Toddler's Favourite Spot


Let’s admit we think kids and babies are like little furry animals, so why not let them give in to their instincts? The jungle-themed indoor play area at Banana Funana is sure to fulfil your kid’s adventures.

What Makes It Awesome

Teaching through learning is the best way to get through to a child (or even to adults, really), and what better way to do so than with colourful slides and trampolines. Using wall-climbing techniques with characters like Iron-Man and Elsa for wallpaper helps push the kiddos to compete, communicate and explore with each other. We love that this space challenges and trains the willpower, physical skill and bravery of children. If you don’t have the time to take your kids to Bandipur, let them experience the jungle life at the treehouse and log and chain bridge section of the play area.

Their toddler zone aims to build your child’s imagination and fine motor skill development through age-appropriate activities like soft-piled numbers, baby cars and basketball (we suggest this for older children as well). Banana Funana is also a fun space to throw birthday parties in a trendy fashion (do you remember when McDonald’s birthday parties were the coolest?). Their cafeteria is a great space for parents to munch on snacks and watch their munchkins.

Oh, also, check out the selfie booth. The soft space has an adorable little booth to help create memories with your kids. They’ve been proven to reveal your kid’s artistic side and boost confidence! Their prices start at INR 600 upwards (including food and activities for an hour and a half).


The play centre is only open for kids between the ages of three and 12. Your kids need to compulsorily wear socks to enter the area. 

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