Your Dogs Will Thank You For These Lovelies From Tail Lovers Company

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Reasonably-priced and totally cool products for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and even birds, Tail Lovers Company is going to be your {and your pet’s} next favourite store.

It's An Animal's Life

If your dogs {or other pets} mean the world to you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pamper them. And Tail Lovers offers everything from organic food to toys and treats to spoil them with. While there’s an equal amount of pampering goodies for cats, the ones for dogs take the cake. If you’re eating organic, there’s no reason for your dog not to. Tail Lovers has a hoard of organic food, and you have to check out the Acana Lamb and Apple flavour. Equivalent to the human lip balm, for your dogs, they have snout butter to keep them moisturised. And if you’re using cream on your hands and feet to keep them from fraying, your dogs must have the organic paw butters too! Pamper them with an organic lemongrass, aloe vera and neem soap, shampoo their beautiful fur with lavender and peppermint shampoo, and condition their coat with jasmine and vanilla conditioner by Isle Of Dogs. Ah, the life!

Taking Care

Ticks can be a real pain in the neck, for which Tail Lover’s anti-flea and tick spray is pretty good. If it’s unmanageable, then their Tickless ultrasonic tick and flea repellent should do the work. You just have to collar your dog with it, and the repellent produces microsounds that can’t be heard by human or dog ear. But those darned small insects and fleas, those ‘bug’gers will stay away.

Making Them Happy

Obsessed with your dogs? Get a customised dog tag for your pet with his/her name on it. They’re all metal and come in funky colours of orange, pink, purple and blue. If you and your dog think alike, get a wooden dog bone board that says “Beware of Dog! Owner isn’t trustworthy either!” {Haha}. For the winters, they have beautiful knitted sweaters that look so comfy {I almost got one for myself}, your dog is going to have the best time. Treat your babies to no-sugar-no-salt cheese cookies on a good day {they say humans can have these too}. And on birthdays, get a customised cake! They have vegetarian and non vegetarian cakes, including beef, chicken and lamb.

Price: INR 200 upwards

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